About Us


Urban Team

The point person that handles all the details & daily construction items so every project runs smoothly as possible. Athough each homeowner is different on what they would like for their space, a little forward thinking always help the different elements of a project come together efficiently & on schedule.

Basement Builder Calgary

Sometimes known as the “Tile & Bathroom” kungfu master. Every basement development, basement suite, bathroom installation or kitchen renovation project will need an experienced Tile Setter & having Sergei to work with everyday is a no brainer. Real pro’s make it look easy.

-Extra Labour-

No… We don’t have a robot like this. We have access to extra labour if needed on larger projects. Most projects only require a two person team with Trades but how good would it be to have this robot hang the drywall for us? Watch this Robot Video & think about the next generation our children will inherit.  #uh-oh.

In 2011, the idea of being a small business owner was no longer an idea. We jumped off the cliff & haven’t looked back since. Over the years & a variety of projects, we have come to realize a few ideals that have become part of who we are today, both at work & away from the jobsite. Firstly, we believe it is always easier to do it right the first time. Having to do things twice is not efficient & only creates headaches that can easily be avoidable. Second is to ensure the commitment to always complete any project as we would our own home. Third, and probably the most important, is to have a good work/life balance. We obviously all have our jobs, careers & goals, but with today’s tech & information overload, we need to take the time to untether from our devices & spend time doing things we enjoy. In our free time we try to do just that. Whether it be Golfing, Hiking, or a long weekend in the mountains we always welcome the chance to put down our phones & relax.