Basement Development

Calgary Basement Development


Basement Development is often overlooked as valuable living space. Some homes are undeveloped by the original builder with further construction in mind & some need updating from the builder if the space is outdated.The size of a basement is generally about one-third of the entire home, which means that developing an unfinished basement will increase a home’s living space by approximately 30%. If you live in a bungalow, the living space can even be doubled..

Basement Construction is one of the most frequent projects undertaken by today’s homeowners & the reason is simple. If completed correctly it can have both short term & longterm investment potential. 

More modern than rec rooms of the past, today’s basement renovations are being transformed into every imaginable option. Simple family rooms to watch T.V, Open spaces for gym equipment, Bedrooms, Laundry room, Man/Women Cave — the possibilities are endless.

While every space is unique in terms of final finishings, the main construction components of any Basement Development are the same. As knowlegable Basement Builders, we understand that each project has different requirements & we work with homeowners to help build what they see for their space. 

Average Basement Development Costs


Approx. 400 – 700sq/f
Average costs with All Permits, Materials, Labour, Trades etc.


Approx. 700 – 1000sq/f
Average costs with all Permits, Materials, Labour, Trades etc.


Approx. 1000 – 1500sq/f
Average costs with all Permits, Materials, Labour, Trades etc.

We are often asked the question of what an Average Basement Development Cost in Calgary be? We have listed the basic averages above but for a better breakdown & explanation of these average costs please refer to our Basement Development Cost page or in the drop down navigation menu.

While choosing an experienced basement contractor and deciding on a renovation budget are both important factors, we like to advise homeowners on the 2 most important pieces of advice to consider while planning their Home Improvement Project:


Renovation Permits

Construction permits & trade permits are the most important part of any home construction project.. Not paying attention to the permit process will likely have negative results in the future if the proper paperwork isn’t obtained. We always advise homeowners to build with the required permits.

The reasons for permits are two-fold: Firstly, we believe it gives peace of mind to both the homeowner & the contractor that everything is completed correctly, nothing overlooked, & verified by the City of Calgary inspectors. A second look isn’t a bad thing & it contributes to a better building community overall.

Secondly it’s the law: For anyone that had any doubt on the importance of permits here is an article from the Globe & Mail that explains it well… There have been many instances of large fines or even a city order to remove all construction materials until inspections have been completed. Either way it’s not something a homeowner would want to deal with down the road. Always build or renovate with required permits.     


Build For Warmth & Comfort

When considering any basement renovation in Calgary, many homeowners don’t give a lot of thought to making sure the basement is insulated properly & warm in the winter months . Our Canadian winters will always be cold. Properly insulated walls & installing a Dri Core subfloor are 2 items we recommend on every basement development project we work on. Basements should be sealed, insulated and ventilated just like any other space. It will significantly reduce the cost of heating+cooling & it will balance the heating+cooling cycles.

The whole idea behind insulating properly is to add thermal resistance, control the flow of indoor+outdoor air, and regulate the movement of moisture. It also allows the HVAC equipment (furnace, ventilation) to operate at full potential. 

The way we look at warm & comfortable is: “Why build a great space, if you still need a blanket on the sofa in the winter months?” Our advice is to always  consider the important aspects of properly warming a basement if any great amount of time will be spent there.