Egress Window Installation

Egress Window Installation

Basement windows are needed for a few different reasons. If a bedroom is being installed in a Basement Development or Secondary Suite unit & the size doesn’t meet code then egress window installation is required to meet the city of Calgary permit requirements.

Some new construction(2010 – present) meet these requirements already and are originally built with further construction in mind.

Sometimes more natural light in a basement is the reason a homeowner chooses to cut new or enlarge their windows.

A lot of older homes in established areas will need to take this step if a homeowner is considering a major renovation or development.

Almost all new Basement Development cutting or enlargement will need permits & engineer requirements for the City of Calgary. We can help with this process & explain what is needed to complete any project correctly to ensure compliance with building codes. We have an engineer we work with regularly that can complete a site visit & supply the required paperwork to meet permit conditions.

The average cost per Window varies with each project depending on a number of factors. ALL bedroom window wells need to meet Egress requirements & have 30″ wells excavated & installed with proper drainage.

The choice of actual windows has many variables as well. Some homeowners would like basic “Slider” windows to keep budgets in line & other homeowners choose to have “Casement” or “Triple Pane” to help with energy efficiency.

The average cost to excavate, supply & install new egress window with required drawings & permits can range from 1500.00 to 2500.00 depending on the choice of window & size.