Kitchen Renovation And Bath Remodeling

Kitchen Renovation Projects

Kitchen renovations are a common project that many homeowners choose to undertake because kitchen ideas have become the centerpiece of the modern home. A focal point of everyday life and entertaining. More than any other room, the kitchen seems to be where we spend more and more time while passing eachother in our busy days.  An efficiently designed cooking and dining area can inspire you to spend more time preparing meals and can be the motivation for entertaining friends or family and showing off your well-honed gourmet skills.

With so many things to consider about planning and styling a new kitchen remodel, a little assistance from an experienced contractor might be helpful.. Does a Homeowner prefer Stone, Quartz or Laminate Countertops..? Custom cabinets or budget friendly IKEA..? Drop-In double sink or Undermount..? Hood-Fan or built in microwave..? Etc, Etc.

In kitchen renovation project terms, the kitchen is the number one Interior design change many Homeowners choose to complete. It can drastically change a main level living space & is the number one return on investment without question. If a kitchen is being installed in a Secondary Suite unit, less materials and cabinets are required as usually basement kitchens are much smaller than a main level.

So as you can see, each project differs on what a homeowner would like for their space. A typical kitchen remodel with entry-mid level finishings & appliances ends up costing anywhere from 17k-25k+ depending on a variety of factors including moving walls or installing beams & appliance selections.

Decisions such as countertops, removing walls for open concept, appliances & island size are factors when assessing any Kitchen Renovation project.

Bathroom Remodel Projects