Urban Square Developments

Carpet InstallationLike just about anything in the world today, the old adage is, you get what you pay for. This cliché has held true for hundreds of years and is a good rule to live by when considering your Calgary Basement Development project.The average cost to finish a basement is generally between $25 and $50 per square foot, but costs can go as high as $75-$100 per square foot depending on how extensive the renovations are and the construction materials & options chosen for any space. For the majority of our basement construction projects, the average 1 Bedroom/1 Bath cost comes in the $27-$30,000 range. The one myth we like to dispel is basing a project solely on a per s/ft ratio.. It is a recipe for disaster to approach a total project cost this way.. There are so many variables on any construction project that a one size fits all per foot approach is never accurate or realistic. One homeowner may wish for a simple 1 Bed/1 Bath with common area while the next may wish for laundry or basement wet bar for entertaining. As you can see, a laundry room or wet bar wouldn’t change the overall sq/f but the cost for materials & labour would surely change.. That’s why reputable contractors only give these numbers as markers for what an average project breaks down to. There are just too many options, requirements & personal preferences of each homeowner to ever try to accurately calculate a construction project this way. Below are the standard items included in an average Calgary Basement Development:


  • Wiring for 3 rooms(Bed, Bath, Common Areas)
  • Tamper proof receptacles & Arc-Fault to meet Building Code
  • Choice of 3 standard dome lights
  • Choice of 6 recessed 5” pot lights
  • Decora switches & dimmer for living room
  • Smoke/CO2 detector
  • 1 Coax (Cable) Outlet
  • 1 Cat-5 (Internet) Outlet
  • GFCI for Bathroom Circuit
  • Vanity Light
  • Exhaust Fan
  • All basic electrical requirements as laid out by Alberta Building Code


  • Supply and install of materials for smooth surface walls
  • Moisture board for Bathroom
  • Corner drywall beads
  • Standard ceiling texture


  • Framing for Interior walls and bulkheads
  • Treated bottom plates on concrete
  • Cold air returns brought to ground level


  • Interior Doors –  3 hollow-core doors(Bed, Bath, Mech)
  • Baseboards: Match main-floor or alternative
  • Casing: Match main-floor or alternative
  • Windows: MDF extensions and casing for Bedroom & Common area
  • Closet: Standard closet with up to 6′ bi-fold door and Wire Shelving
  • Brushed nickel handles and closet knobs
  • All vents and registers
  • Door stops
  • Standard bathroom hardware(towel bar, toilet roll, faucets etc)


  • Tie-in to builder rough-ins existing
  • 60” Standard molded tub or equivalent 
  • Delta/Moen shower fixture 
  • Standard Duel Flush Toilet 
  • Vanity of Choice or $600+/-
  • Package includes Vanity, Faucet, Mirror


  • Choice of laminate or carpet (stairwell carpet)
  • $3.50/sf carpet allowance including install and 8lb underlay
  • Or $1.70/sf laminate product 
  • *The difference in price is because installation is built into the price with carpet


  • 12’x12′ or 12’x24′ tile for bathroom floor and tub surround
  • Choice of Ceramic or Porcelain


  • Standard handrail painted to match trim
  • Carpeted stairs with wrapped stringers


  • 1 coat primer
  • 2 coats for walls (one colour)
  • Trim in latex white semi-gloss


  • Site cleaned & tidy daily
  • Final clean & touch-ups(does not include duct cleaning)


Now having explained what a straightforward basement project should cost on average, homeowners should understand that Custom built-in shelving, Fireplaces, Laundry rooms, Wet Bars etc will add to any total costs for a particular project.The options & wish lists are endless. So when considering a realistic budget, keep this information in mind.