Wet Or Dry Bar

There are many options when it comes to a Basement Wet Bar Or Dry Bar. Some homeowners choose stone countertops with sink & built in wine fridge while others choose to have simple laminate countertops with a popcorn machine.

Whatever the requirements, the main thing to keep in mind is where the plumbing is located. It will determine the total cost of any project. Some homes have roughed-in plumbing from the builder & can be tied into relatively easy. Others need to have the concrete jackhammered & new plumbing installed, inspected & filled back in with concrete.

The distance of where the plumbing can be tied into is a factor. It can easily run $500 – $1500 to have a licensed plumber complete this work & have it inspected by the City of Calgary to meet plumbing permit requirements.

Any total cost estimate would require a site visit to assess what set-up is existing & what would be needed to ensure proper plumbing. We would be happy to view any project and help with advice on what is required should a wet bar be something that is being considered.