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After viewing & discussing any Basement Development, Legal Secondary Suite or Home Renovation project we will have a better idea of what a homeowner may be considering for their space. We will provide an accurate quote to complete the work & our quote won’t change. Although rare, the only reason our quotes would ever change is if we find hidden/faulty issues behind walls (ie illegal Electrical/ Plumbing/ Structural etc) that we couldn’t reasonably see during our initial visit. As an experienced Basement Development Contractor these instances are rare, however we have seen some of these issues & more commonly in older homes or spaces that have been previously developed.

Warranty On All Projects

Most renovation & development projects are relatively straightforward & all projects we work on are inspected by the City of Calgary multiple times. Twice in fact.(ex. Rough-in inspection & Final inspection which are required for each trade). From the inception of our company, we are proud to say we have not had an instance of a client request to return & fix a deficiency. However, we are all human. Should any reasonable deficiency be overlooked or missed by multiple inspections & by us, we would happily correct the issue at no expense to a homeowner. It’s simple really. If completed correctly the first time there should be no need to correct it after the fact.

No Upfront Deposits Required

We are very proud of the reputation we have developed since we started our company. One simple way we build trust with homeowners is by not accepting any upfront deposits. We complete a large portion of the work on our Basement Development & Home Improvement projects before accepting our first payment. This provides homeowners with peace of mind that they aren’t going to have issues with “Less Than Professional” contractors. We have all heard the bad stories & we have been contacted on occasion to help fix some of these stories. At Urban Square Developments we take every measure to separate ourselves from some of the problems in our industry, and not accepting deposits is one step toward meeting that end.

Assured Project Quality

At Urban Square Developments we approach each project we take on with attention to detail & a commitment to complete any project as we would our own home. For us, this principle is important. Any Home Renovation, Basement Development or Secondary Suite is an investment in both time & money and we have done so in our own homes over the years. Not every project can be completed by a single person or a single company. Most construction or renovation projects require the skills of partner trade professionals such as electrical, plumbing, gas, hvac, etc & we believe the success of any project, large or small, is directly related to the competence and integrity of the people we work with. We stand by our work & honour that commitment..

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At Urban Square Developments we are a Licensed Basement Development contractor in Calgary, Airdrie, Okotoks & Chestermere. We can provide complete Basement Renovation, Basement Development & Secondary Suite Builder services to assist homeowners with any project they may be considering.

Qualified experience, cost-efficient planning & friendly professional service help make our projects run smoothly & efficiently. Most projects are relatively straightforward in terms of overall project planning & we work together with homeowners to build what they have in mind for their space.

If you are considering a Home Improvement project, the first step in our process is to schedule a convenient time to view the space & discuss what a homeowner may be considering. Most project decisions & layout options center around two factors. Location of mechanical components (ie Ductwork, Furnace, Air Returns etc) & location of plumbing rough-ins(ie Drains, Waterlines, Venting etc). As every homeowner is different on what what they would like for their space, after viewing a project we would have a better idea of advice to suggest with respect to layout options & location of mechanical components.

As an experienced Basement Suite Contractor, we have a network of licensed trade partners we work with regularly(Electrician, Plumbing, Gas, HVAC etc) to assist with all requirements of any Home Improvement project. Having these existing relationships help our projects run efficiently & on schedule.

We are a small independent company & have enjoyed this distinction over the years. We don’t have fancy websites that have pop-ups. We don’t have fancy offices. Instead, we keep things simple & that allows us to provide efficient on-site project planning & affordable construction costs. 

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