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At Urban Square Developments we are a Licensed Basement Suite Contractor in Calgary, Aidrie, Okotoks & Chestermere. We can provide complete Home Improvement, Basement Development & Legal Secondary Suite services to assist homeowners with any project they may be considering.

Qualified experience, Cost efficient planning & friendly professional service help make our projects run efficiently & smoothly. In terms of project planning, most projects are fairly straightforward so there should be no need for stress or excessive delay. We can obtain all required permits & paperwork to make the process as simple as possible.

We like to think that any renovation should be a fun, positive experience with decision making, choosing materials, choosing paint colors & watching any project take shape.

We are a small independent Basement Renovation company & we enjoy that distinction. It allows us to pay attention to the task at hand without a great deal of distractions.

Most Home Improvement & Basement Development projects will also need licenced trade proffesionals for the City of Calgary permit requirements (ex. Electrician, Plumbing, Gas, HVAC etc) & we have a network of Licensed trade partners we work with regularly to assist with all requirements of home renovations. Having these existing relationships help make our projects run as efficiently as possible. 

Building permits are granted by municipalities and are considered a formal permission for the construction, demolition or alteration of a home. Each municipality has its own set of regulations but most major renovations, such as those where structural walls or Plumbing/Electrical/Gas components are altered, require specific permits.

Permits should be obtained whenever required. Failure to do so can result in a large fines or worse. Here is a must-read Globe and Mail article detailing the importance of always building properly & obtaining all the nessesary paperwork.

Getting the required paperwork can sometimes be a tricky process. If Egress Window Installation is needed for enlarging a bedroom window, engineer approvals & elevation drawings are required.

A simple Basement Development Permit may take only a few days, while a more complex renovation such as a Legal Secondary Suite permit can take a month or so to obtain. If the required paperwork seems a little frustrating, the best thing to do is to contact a professional renovation contractor who has experience with permit applications.

Most contractors have existing relationships with the trade professionals needed to obtain each permit .The contractor is the project manager to bring in the right people, get the necessary permits & drawings and submit the application to the municipality on a homeowners behalf. This is the most efficient way to obtain the permits required.

Although the process seems a little frustrating for those not familiar, it really isn’t as troubling as it seems. Most applications can be submitted through a contractors online Vista Account with the City of Calgary & most only take a few days to recieve approval.

For more information on what permits are required, below are some links to the City of Calgary for further reading. If it still seems a little confusing after reviewing these links, use our Contact Us page to get in touch & we would be happy to help explain the process & answer any questions a homeowner may have.

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