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Home Renovation & Kitchen remodels are common projects that many homeowners choose to undertake as kitchen spaces have become the centerpiece of the modern home. A focal point of everyday life and entertaining. More than any other room, the kitchen seems to be where we spend more and more time while passing each other in our busy days.  An efficiently designed cooking and dining area can inspire you to spend more time preparing meals and can be the motivation for entertaining friends or family and showing off your well-honed gourmet skills.

In main floor project terms, the kitchen is the number one Interior design change many Homeowners choose to complete. It can drastically change a main level living space & is the number one return on investment without question.

Kitchen Renovation Cost

When it comes to what an average kitchen can cost, each project differs greatly on what a homeowner would like for their space. A general home kitchen remodel with entry level finishings & appliances can be in the 18k-25k range and above, realizing a variety of factors including moving walls or installing beams & appliance selections.

Moving walls & creating open concept spaces is usually the point in a project where a kitchen remodel is no longer a ‘Cosmetic Upgrade’. Opening rooms & installing beams will require engineering services, inspections, new flooring where walls are removed etc. While these projects are not difficult to build, they require a different approach & from our experience homeowners can expect to be in the 25k-35k range & above to complete these type of renovations.

Higher end finishings & large spaces or a combination of both can easily surpass the 35k-45k range depending on personal preference & selected items. The old adage that ‘Anything Is Possible’ is true in most cases, however large or complex renovations can come with a cost.

While these costs are general markers for informational guidance, any accurate renovation cost would require an on-site visit to view & discuss what a homeowner may be considering for their space.

Home Renovation

When it comes to any main floor home renovation, we like homeowners to keep a few things in mind. From our experience we find that completing one aspect of a main floor and not the other usually presents its own challenges.

What we mean by this is: Take an average kitchen for example. After completing a great kitchen with new appliances, new flooring, new trim etc. It doesn’t always look great matched up to older flooring, trim, paint etc in the adjacent room.

Now flip the scenario around & take a main floor renovation for example: After completing all new flooring, trim, paint etc. The older kitchen doesn’t look so great.

In our experience, main level renovations are those few projects where one thing will usually lead to another.

Not in all situations is this the case. However in 70% of the projects we view, our advice to homeowners is to consider whether the main level is outdated & if completing the main floor together is a better choice than having to live through a construction project twice.

As an experienced renovation contractor we are always happy to meet with homeowners, view any project, discuss the options available & offer our advice to help make any project run efficiently & smoothly.

Bathroom Renovation

While bathrooms are typically the smallest rooms in a home, there are countless ways to approach these projects. They can  be completed while renovating a main floor space or built from new if completing a Basement Development or Secondary Suite. In our experience, each homeowner has a different vision or idea for their space. From basic stand up showers to custom walk-in’s with tile & glass doors, we work with homeowners to help build or renovate any choice being considered.